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Computer System Support Services

  • What makes EBT different in the computer system support arena? EBT understands that there are many firms offering computer support, so why choose us? With certified staff on board, we understand how to better define and resolve problems that you may be having. Because of our cross-training in accounting, software development, and computer systems, we bring a unique perspective to our clients. This perspective helps us to work more effectively with our clients' staff in resolving issues and creating a more productive environment.

  • What is a technology plan and why do I need one? A technology plan provides a guide as to where your business intends to direct its technology resources. In today's ever changing world of technology, you need to determine where you will focus your company's use of technology. If you plan and determine which elements of the currently available technology your company needs most, you will be able to more effectively use the monies budgeted for technology spending.

  • I really need quality support, but I am on a tight budget. How can EBT help me? At EBT we know what it means to be financially conscious. For this reason we have created our system support contracts. These contracts provide you with a guaranteed number of hours each year at a reduced rate. This allows you to receive the support that you need and have a monthly fixed cost that you can budget for.

  • Computers can be very challenging. Without skilled help, businesses spend many extra hours trying to figure out what is wrong with their computers or their system. Don't let this be you. Do yourself a favor and give us a call today. We can come out and explain how the maitenance contract can work for you and put you back in control of your business by giving you back the time you need to determine how to increase profits.

Would you like to find out more about how EBT can help your business? Give us a call today at 520.979.9500 or send us an e-mail at ITInfo@emeraldbt.com.


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