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Security Solutions

At Emerald Business Technologies, we are experienced in securing computer systems of all types.  We have extensive security experience with Windows, Linux and many other operating systems.  We have managed security for everything from multinational corporations to small businesses.  We have implemented and maintained everything from highly secure banking systems to basic firewalls and server lockdown.

Security analysis

If you would like to know how secure your network is, we offer a free two hour security analysis service.  We recommend changes that should be made to make your network and servers more secure, such as firewall and server configuration changes, addition of a firewall, or procedural changes.

We ask you what security levels you desire and custom tailor our security advice to your business.  We clearly explain to you the security risks of alternative solutions.  At the end of the security analysis we will give you a list of changes we recommend based on the security level you are requesting.

Server and desktop configuration

We have the know-how to accurately make the configuration changes on your servers to bring their security up to the desired level.  We can also configure security on desktop machines or in an appropriately configured network, we can set up the server to automatically update the desktop machines.  When public services are provided we can set up a separate network so that if someone hacks into your sever they still won't be able to cross your firewall.

Firewall implementation and configuration

We can implement a hardware firewall for you, such as a multifunction router or a dedicated firewall appliance, or a we can install a software firewall on your Windows or Linux server.  We are experienced at configuring most existing firewalls, including allowing selective access to services behind the firewall.  Given our extensive experience with network and computer security, we can usually figure out how to configure your existing equipment in a matter of minutes.

Linking offices and remote access

If you want to securely connect multiple offices together over the internet or run a secure server we can set that up for you.  Or if you want your users to be able to work from home or on the road, we can enable that.  Many options for linking telecommuters and road warriors are available, including direct dial, internet dialup, internet broadband, and wireless.  All of this can be done securely so that you can be comfortable that nobody will be able to break into your network through the internet.

Custom security software

If you have unique needs not met by off-the-shelf hardware and software, we can implement a system that will handle it.  For example, one company needed to integrate security between their Windows, Solaris, and Linux networks so the same login would work on all three.  We implemented a custom solution which allowed user account creation, password changes, and so forth to be synchronized in real time between all systems.


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